Jewellery Restoration and Repair

If well taken care of, The Village Goldsmiths fine jewellery can last for generations. However, time does take its toll eventually, and accidents do happen. Our jewellery restoration and repair services are available for all Village Goldsmith pieces as well as jewellery made elsewhere on a case-by-case basis. Our jewellery experts will take the time to examine your beloved jewellery and offer the best solution to bring it back to its former glory. 
Sometimes a restoration or repair isn't feasible and the item may need to be completely remade. Or perhaps you’ve decided you want to keep the sentimentality of your piece but reimagine it in a new design. We can recycle the gemstones and precious metals into a new piece that you’ll love wearing. Learn more about the remodelling process here.  
The Village Goldsmith also offers ring resizing on most gold and platinum pieces, but not silver or titanium. To enquire about resizing your ring, get in touch with one of our jewellery experts. For Village Goldsmith engagement rings, we offer one free resize up to two sizes within the first 60 days after purchase. 
Please note we do not undertake restoration or repair of the following types of jewellery:
- synthetic lab grown diamonds or gemstones - learn why
- diamonds lacking documentation of ethical sourcing
- hollow gold or platinum chains or bangles
- costume jewellery
- silver jewellery not from The Village Goldsmith
Is there a charge to inspect jewellery undergoing restoration and repair?
Yes, we have a $50 non-refundable restoration and repair examination fee that covers the cost of our jeweller's time to undertake a thorough examination of the piece to fully understand what restoration work and materials will be required so we can provide the best solution and costing estimate. If you move forward with the restoration, the examination fee will be applied towards the cost of the repair. 
Do you repair silver or base metal jewellery?  
We only repair silver jewellery that was originally purchased from The Village Goldsmith.  
Do you offer cleaning?  
Yes, we offer a complimentary cleaning service at our Wellington studio for all jewellery purchased from The Village Goldsmith. You are welcome to bring your jewellery in at anytime and we will carefully inspect the piece for any wear, loose stones or other issues requiring repair, and then clean and polish it for you. The service usually takes half an hour. If you want a jeweller to inspect, clean and polish a piece not purchased at The Village Goldsmith, there will be a $50 fee for this service.
Can you repair or resize filled/rolled/plated gold  
We are unable to undertake work on any pieces that are not solid gold or platinum.  
Do you do rhodium plating? 
Yes, we offer rhodium plating. This is a great way to refresh white gold that has lost its lustre. 
Do you work with synthetic lab grown diamonds?
The Village Goldsmith does not work with synthetic lab grown diamonds - learn why.
If you’d like any more information, or would like to enquire about repairing or restoring your Village Goldsmith jewellery or remodelling a piece, please get in touch with our jewellery experts.