Amethyst Fine Jewellery

Available in deep and soft hues, amethyst earrings, a bright amethyst pendant or an amethyst bracelet can appear to almost glow with translucence.


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      Throughout the ages, amethyst has often been associated with royalty, luxury and power. Amethyst colours range from light to dark purple. Transparent deep purple colours are the most highly regarded. The hue of the amethyst depends on its origin. In The Americas, amethyst has a deep purplish tone with strong hints of blue. Other varieties have more of a reddish hue as well as subtle blue aspects. Amethyst holds the potential to change colour when it is heated, either naturally or in a lab. Prasiolite is the name given to amethyst which turns green when reacting to heat. Citrine is another variety of amethyst produced by heat and is golden yellow in colour. 

      February Birthstone
      Amethyst is the birthstone for February and the gemstone for the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

      Amethyst Fine Jewellery

      Representing the essence of the colour purple, amethyst can also be found in a beautiful green hue

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