Ethical Diamond Sourcing

At The Village Goldsmith we're committed to providing diamonds of the highest quality which are all certified as ethically sourced. We're proud to say that we take the time to deal directly with reputable global diamond suppliers, not second tier wholesalers. We have personally visited our supplier partners and have vetted and verified their operations so we are confident that their supply chain has integrity and that they actually cut and polish their diamonds from rough. Our trusted suppliers all have strict adherence to the Kimberley Process and guarantee that their diamonds are ethically mined and traded in the most honest, transparent and straightforward manner possible. We work to ensure these practices by only purchasing diamonds which have transparent records and documentation. This way the entire journey of the diamond - from the mining of the rough crystal, to cutting, polishing, examining, grading, and supply - can be tracked and verified throughout their journey to you. 

The Village Goldsmith Directors Visiting One of Our Diamond Supplier Cutting Factories:

The factory of the company where we source a large majority of our diamonds from has a strong emphasis on employee working conditions and standards. When we last visited their cutting operation in Surat, the thing they were proudest of wasn’t their incredible state of the art, eight storey-high cutting operation. Or that they provide meals each day to over 5,000 dedicated staff, along with providing staff health and bonus provisions. Their proudest contribution was to the local community. Just a kilometre from their facility a new public hospital was being built, at a cost of over US$100 million. The hospital was entirely funded by the two families that own the local diamond business. Our supplier demonstrated they are about service, not only self. We are proud to partner with them and doing so means we're able to offer our clients complete transparency and quality diamonds with excellent provenance. Blockchain technology is currently being implemented so a diamond’s journey is recorded on a common ledger which can’t be altered or tampered with - thus further guaranteeing the integrity of the supply chain.  
As a company, we've considered alternative diamond sourcing options at length, but we’ve found the reasons to choose ethically sourced natural diamonds over lab-grown synthetic diamonds are plentiful. Learn more about our position on lab-grown synthetic diamonds. We are passionate about transparency and sharing with you our sourcing and creative philosophy and processes. You are welcome to come in and view our expert jewellers crafting exquisite pieces at our onsite global workshop in Wellington. 
We invite you to explore our range of engagement rings and fine jewellery. Or if you’d like to keep learning, check out our helpful engagement ring buyers guide or ethical precious metal sourcing practices for more information.