Sell / Recycle Your Gold


The Village Goldsmith is proud to buy high quality gold that can be recycled and remade into beautiful, new pieces. Our Wellington gold buying services offer a private, discreet and quick way to safely trade and sell jewellery you no longer wear. This service gives you the opportunity to recycle gold and platinum jewellery or scrap gold in return for a secure online cash payment to your bank account.

Process to sell your gold
  • We provide a private, confidential and comfortable environment to trade and sell your jewellery. Complete our enquiry form below or phone us at 04 473 5253 to arrange an appointment at our Wellington showroom.

  • During your consultation we’ll assess and weigh your jewellery, take images of your goods and perform electrical conductivity and other testing to determine the gold’s purity. Next, we’ll provide you with a valuation and payout quote. Please note that the minimum quantity of gold we buy is 5 grams (a typical, simple gold band weighs ~3 grams) and there is a $50 examination fee for more than five pieces of jewellery or gold to offset the cost of our jeweller’s time. This fee will be refunded should you accept the quote and go forward with the sale of your gold.
  • Once you’ve approved your final quote, we’ll schedule payment directly into your bank account. We schedule payments daily on weekdays at 2.30pm and you’ll receive an email confirmation of payment once it’s been loaded.
Please note: We don't buy pearls or diamonds - charges may apply for stone removal and return. Items that are in sealed packaging will need to be removed for testing. Jewellery made by Michael Hill Jeweller will not be considered for purchase.

Eligibility criteria and strict ID guidelines apply*

* You must be 18 years or older to sell to The Village Goldsmith. You must provide your address and contact details and one form of Government issued Photo ID. For example, a valid driver’s license, a valid passport, a Kiwi Access card or a firearms license.