Four Cs - Cut

The Cut refers to the proportions and finish of a diamond and is an important factor in the diamond's appearance. The importance of cut is often overlooked in many diamond guides but is a key element when determining an overall diamond grade. A well-cut diamond will increase its brilliance, sparkle and overall appeal to the eye while a poor cut can make a diamond look dull, glassy and lack fire.  
An experienced diamond cutter will ensure that the diamond is cut to exacting proportions. A perfectly cut diamond enables light to enter and exit a diamond so that it reflects from each mirror-like face to another and back up through the top. It will sparkle and radiate in all lights. When selecting your diamond, our jewellery experts will always look for either excellent or very good cut grades to make sure you’re getting maximum sparkle. 


 outline drawing, round brilliant cut diamond
Round brilliant cut diamonds are distinguished by numerous facets, shaped to maximise the white light returned through the top of the diamond, significantly increasing its fire and brilliance.  
outline drawing, round brilliant cut diamond 
A world leading innovation invented by our team at the Village Goldsmith, the patented Floeting® Diamond Cut may look similar to a round brilliant cut diamond but there are a few key differences that sets it apart. This revolutionary cut allows the diamond to be set without any claws or clasps so that more light is reflected from every facet to enhance the sparkle. Learn more about The Floeting® Diamond.
outline drawing, oval cut diamond 
The sophisticated oval cut is an elegant and unique choice. An oval diamond can be cut with the same number of facets as a brilliant cut giving the potential for as much brilliance as the classic round shape. The elongated shape of the oval diamond means that it can often appear larger than other gemstone shapes of the same carat weight.  
outline drawing, emerald cut diamond 
The emerald cut is distinguished by the step cuts of its pavilion and the large open table on top. Emerald cuts produce a hall-of-mirrors effect with the interplay of light and dark planes. The long lines and dramatic flashes of light give the emerald cut an elegant appearance. 
 outline drawing, cushion cut diamond
The cushion cut combines a square cut with round corners, resulting in a 'pillow' shape that gives it its name. The cushion cut has been around for almost 200 years and has an antique look to it. 
 outline drawing, princess cut diamond
The princess cut accentuates a diamond’s brilliance rather than its lustre. With triangular and kite-shaped facets radiating from the centre, the higher fire and brilliance compared to other mixed cuts accounts for the popularity of princess cut diamond rings.  
outline drawing, marquise cut diamond 
Marquise cuts have elongated ends that stretch the gemstone into an oval shape, creating a slender and striking look. With the brilliance and sparkle of a round cut, the marquise is a flattering shape that has a regal feel to it. 
 outline drawing, radiant cut diamond
Radiant cuts are distinguished by the central cross pattern created by the pavilion facets. The radiant cut has a total of seventy facets and it exists in a large number of modified forms with differing facet arrangements and combinations. 
The pear cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut diamond. Pear cut diamonds are also known as teardrop diamonds and are a hybrid between the marquise cut and the round brilliant cut diamond. We individually inspect each pear cut diamond and analyse the cut dimensions to ensure maximum brilliance and scintillation. 
It’s important that when you are comparing diamonds that you are comparing like for like. Make sure to ask for information about all quality factors before choosing your diamond. 
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