Spinel Jewellery - August Birthstone Jewellery

Spinel is a good candidate for the title of “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem.” It was usually confused with better-known gemstones like ruby and sapphire. In fact some of the world’s most admired “rubies” are actually spinel. One of the most famous examples is the so-called “Black Prince’s ruby” which is set in England’s Imperial State Crown.

Spinel has recently been added as a birthstone for the month of August, along with the traditional peridot and sardonyx.


Spinel sits at 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness therefore is considered a durable stone. It can be crafted into a range of beautiful jewellery items.

Spinel Sources Around the World

The best gem-quality spinel is found in Burma (Myanmar), an area which is also known for the quality of its rubies. Spinel from Burma can be red, orange or pink, as well as blue and violet.

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) spinel tend towards the blue and violet hues. However, good red and pink spinels are recovered from time to time. Black Ceylonite spinels are also found here, as well as some very dark-green to brownish-green stones, which are very rare.

Spinel gemstone jewellery from The Village Goldsmith

Spinel Jewellery from The Village Goldsmith 

We work directly with reputable gemstone suppliers to source you high quality and beautiful spinel. Come in store to view our full collection of spinel jewellery and loose spinel gemstones in a range of colours. Talk to us about designing and crafting your dream piece of bespoke spinel jewellery. A piece of spinel jewellery would make the perfect anniversary or special occasion gift.