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The Village Goldsmith crafts Hospi Bravery Coin for charity

The Village Goldsmith is very honoured to have teamed up with  Wellington Lions and Wellington Children’s Hospital Charity in the upcoming annual game against Otago on Sunday, 1st October.  

We have crafted a unique one-of-a-kind sterling silver “bravery” coin to be used by the referee for the pre-match coin toss on Sunday before being added as the 24th charity auction item.

Hospi, Wellington Childrens Hospital, Bravery Medal, Hospi Pendant

As a special tribute to the decade long partnership between the Wellington Lions and the Wellington Children's Hospital, the referee’s coin is engraved with the Hospi mascot heads and tails and with the date of the game.

Hospi, Wellington Childrens Hospital, Bravery Medal, Hospi Pendant

The Village Goldsmith has also produced “Bravery Medals” for the Lions players to give out to Wellington Children’s Hospital’s most courageous young patients during their regular visits to the children’s ward. The Hospi bravery medal will be available to purchase online at www.whf.org.nz and in the Hospi Store with all funds to go to Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital medical equipment fund.

Donation Options

Choose to purchase the pendant for yourself, friends or family or donate to the Wellington Children's Hospital to gift to a brave family. All funds raised rom the sale of the Hospi Bravery Medals will go to to Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital medical equipment fund.

Hospi, Wellington Childrens Hospital, Bravery Medal, Hospi Pendant

The Making of the Bravery Coin: Wellington Lions players visit The Village Goldsmith.

Wellington Lions rugby players, Julian Savea, Asafo Aumua and William Mangos dropped by our in-store workshop and had a brief training session by Ian Douglas, founder of The Village Goldsmith, on the coin-making process.

Wellington Lions, The Village Goldsmith, Hospi, Wellington Childrens Hospital
From left to right: Julian Savea, Chris Benham, Ian Douglas, Asafo Aumua, William Mangos

A collaboration for a good cause

Bill Day, the Wellington Hospitals Foundation chairman said the long association with the Lions and Wellington Children’s Hospital was a great story of how sport can make a positive difference, "The Village Goldsmith’s involvement only adds to things and I have no doubt the medals will lift the recipient’s spirits”.

The Village Goldsmith’s, Chris Benham, said “our whole team are really proud to be able to get in behind the Wellington Children’s Hospital and design and craft the special medal. We hope the Hospi Bravery Medal will become a special keepsake for the kids, parents and the extended support network to represent the bravery shown by all at what is often a really tough time.

It was great to have the Wellington Lions players join us in our Wellington workshop and take part in crafting the special Bravery coin to start the match.  We hope it will help increase funding for WCH and support all the amazing work they do.”