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A Display of Nature’s Beautifully Imperfect Form

Climbing Ivy is designed as an abstraction of nature and a reflection of natural form. This piece holds a very recognisable shape of growing ivy-like vines that appear to curl and snake delicately around the finger of the wearer.  

The Climbing Ivy ring takes the concept of curling and intertwining climbing ivy just as it grows alongside a wall or archway. Every coil and turn of the glimmering yellow gold is solely hand crafted, twisted by our master craftsmen’s touch.  

We designed Climbing Ivy by channelling the phenomenon of a climbing ivy’s growth, which is a truly marvellous and unique interpretation of flora. This ring portrays how natural shape takes place from environmental pressures. To have the sides of the ring be purposely asymmetrical yet have a balance about them through intricately crafted weighting. 

The design itself is intentionally minimalistic and focuses on the swirls of yellow gold and how they come together. The pear shaped fancy yellow diamond set into the pinnacle of the climbing ivy does not distract from the twists of gold but reflects the craftsmanship and skill of mirroring beauty through every distinct aspect. 

No true natural form ever creates a perfect shape. This is why, at first, the ring’s curving lines of yellow gold appear to the viewer as symmetrical on both sides of the yellow diamond. But if you look at the structure of the ring – explore it from one side to the other, you realise the shape is anything but. 

Climbing Ivy is crafted in 18 carat yellow gold and set with a pear cut fancy yellow diamond. The ring took our master jeweller, Darren, 11 hours to craft and is entirely handmade, not one piece of the ring has been cast or prototyped.  

Another graceful element of this ring can be seen from a side view. At this angle, the wearer can see how the diamond deliberately holds an over-extending arch. From an engineering perspective, this is quite a difficult technique to achieve. 

The whole structure of the piece has been put together by drawing down each individual strand of gold wire and then filing those strands with thinner, finer tapers to create multiple sizes and forms, to then bend those new shapes into a collectively flowing circular form.

Entirely original, each Village Goldsmith design seeks to push the boundaries on what can be achieved using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. It is our hope that these special, one-of-a-kind pieces find passionate owners who understand where each piece comes from, and what story they tell.