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The Whim Collection

Designed by The Village Goldsmith

Whim is an eclectic collection of sterling silver jewellery designed to suit your style from one day to the next. Whim is geometric, organic, delicate and bold all mixed into one collection, so you can choose your jewellery to match your mood. Whim is customisable too – wear pieces multiple ways and personalise your jewellery with a special engraving or message. As diverse as you are, so you can wear it on a whim! 

Grammy Award Winner Kimbra's "Most Prized Possession" 

During an interview, while on tour in Chicago, Grammy award winning musician Kimbra named the Maya ring from The Village Goldsmith Whim Collection as her most prized possession. She is currently drawing a lot of strength from the ring with the custom engraved message, her personal mantra, "Compassion. Balance. Patience".