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Engagement Rings New Zealand
Engagement Rings New Zealand

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Diamonds can be cut in different shapes. A fancy cut diamond is the term given to non-round cut diamonds. Cut also refers to the way the diamond is surfaced and faceted to reflect light - its beauty depending on preference and the ring design that it is incorporated with. 

Browse our wide range of engagement rings featuring different diamond shapes and cuts. Find a style you like and customise it to create your perfect ring.

As we design and craft our engagement rings onsite at our award winning Wellington workshop, we can craft your custom engagement ring in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold or a mix of metals to represent such a special commitment in your lives.

Like marriage, our commitment to you is forever. We offer a lifetime free checking and cleaning service on your engagement ring. This service is provided onsite at our Wellington store, by our experienced manufacturing jewellers and should be completed on an annual basis to maintain your 5-year warranty.

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The Narrative Collection

Inspired by the history, heritage and many of the cultures that have shaped our country and identity. Maori, Polynesian and Celtic designs are harmoniously blended in these wearable diamond solitaire engagement rings.

Create your own love story with a Narrative Collection ring today.



The Inspired Collection

A showcase of contemporary diamond engagement or dress rings, the concepts of which are inspired by our everyday surroundings. These designer platinum and gold diamond rings are perfect for the adventurous individual...


The Decades Collection engagement rings from Inspired by The Village Goldsmith


The Decades Collection

Diamond engagement or dress rings, inspired by the decades. Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and the stark minimalism of the 1950’s, with a modern twist. These carefully considered engagement ring and right hand ring designs are for the lover of all things classic...


Looking for a completely unique engagement ring?

We listen to your needs, your dreams, and work with you to deliver a tangible piece of jewellery that not only tells the story of how it came to be and what it represents, but also holds a lifetime of memories as your relationships continue to evolve.

Every story is different just like like every piece we carefully craft.