Engagement Ring Style and Setting

"What style of engagement ring will my partner like?" 

Think back to your answers to the questions about your partner. This will help you have an idea of the style of engagement ring that they will like.  

If you know he or she will love a classic design, or if they don't currently wear jewellery, a simple yet very elegant diamond solitaire ring is a great choice. 

If they love flowers, lace, art deco, and intricate patterns, they might also love a vintage style engagement ring

If they're the trendsetter among friends and always on the hunt for something exciting and new, a contemporary style engagement ring is sure to please, such as our Inspired Collection of diamond rings. 


"Should I get a diamond or a coloured gemstone?" 

Although diamond is the most common choice, a coloured gemstone makes a beautiful and unique engagement ring. If your partner will wear their engagement ring every day, we recommend sapphires and rubies due to their hardness (9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, compared to diamond which is 10). This gives you many options as sapphires come in a range of colours (not just blue!). 

The most famous blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring is Princess Diana's (now Kate Middleton's) ring. 

Think about whether a particular colour would be meaningful as an engagement ring for your partner.

“What setting will my partner like?” 

Diamonds and gemstones can be set within a ring in various ways to achieve an overall aesthetic and accentuate different forms and features. 

Some examples include the classic solitaire diamond ring, the timeless three-stone setting, the vintage halo or cluster setting, or the modern tension setting.

You can take a look at some examples of these engagement ring setting styles. Your choice will depend on the overall look you are going for, and the style you think will suit your partner and their lifestyle.