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The Narrative Collection

Telling the story of New Zealand

Diamond Solitaire, Diamond Engagement Ring, Engagement Ring

Inspired by the history, heritage and many of the cultures that have shaped our country and identity. Maori, Polynesian and Celtic designs are harmoniously blended in these wearable diamond solitaire and three stone engagement rings and wedding rings.

Designed with the modern New Zealand woman in mind, this collection is crafted in 18ct rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or platinum and are designed to suit a dynamic lifestyle. Each design features intricate patterns that capture the beauty of New Zealand. From the sea to the sky, the earth to the stars, and everything that calls this paradise “home”, the Narrative Collection tells a story that is distinctly New Zealand.

Exploring the theme of harmony, each piece in the collection evolves from one to another. The fluidity of emotion behind each is reflective of how our unique environment inspires a fresh approach to design.

Create your own love story with a Narrative Collection ring today.

Narrative Collection Three-Stone Diamond Rings

Narrative Collection Wedding Rings

The Narrative wedding rings are designed to compliment any of the Narrative Collection engagement rings, each ring telling a story that is "distinctly New Zealand".