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Sandrift Collection

Sandrift New Zealand Diamond Ring Collection

The discovery of a remarkably well-worn yet inspiring piece of driftwood at Te Horo beach along the West Coast of New Zealand, evoked memories of the Summers spent at beaches for Ian, founder of The Village Goldsmith. It reminded him of New Zealand’s iconic summer destination, 90 Mile Beach and the rolling yet sharp contours of the golden-brown sand dunes. The organic curves within the driftwood echoed the freeing act of riding down the dunes, which has been conceptualized and is reflected in these contemporary diamond rings.   

Each design from The Sandrift Collection truly honours the gorgeous New Zealand coastline. The ridges in driftwood and soft patterns in sand dunes are beautifully replicated in every aspect of this series and the pieces that make up the collection come together to beautifully illustrate New Zealand’s most organically spectacular sights. 

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