Contrasting Classic: Bespoke Wedding Rings for Stacy & Adam

We previously collaborated with Adam to design and craft a beautiful bespoke engagement ring for him to give to Stacy, and then recently we had the opportunity to work with them again on creating their unique and individual wedding rings.
Having been on The Block NZ and both having creative backgrounds (Adam was until recently an Art Director at Weta Workshop for eight years, and Stacy is a graphic and interior designer) Stacy and Adam do not shy away from extraordinary and unexpected challenges. So of course, there needed to be something special about their wedding rings, something that would contrast traditional designs and make their rings entirely unique to them.
In this video you can watch design ideas unfold throughout their consultation with The Village Goldsmith Founder and Director, Ian Douglas, and then see their wedding rings come to life in our on-site Wellington jewellery workshop.

Helping our clients capture memories within their designs is part of our DNA, it means that their jewellery conveys its own special story, and they become tangible symbols of their own individuality. Stacy and Adam based the design of their wedding bands off the shape of Stacy’s mother’s engagement ring, having a subtle taper to the band. What made creating Stacy and Adam’s rings so special was that both their parents also had their wedding rings crafted by The Village Goldsmith, so it was a privilege that we could do the same for them both.

Stacy wanted a design that would stand-out, but still highlight the beauty of her engagement ring, showcasing it as the main act. After spending  time researching and getting inspired, Stacy began playing around with her own jewellery collection to see what unique design she could come up with. She fell in love with the idea of setting a pearl into her wedding ring, so that together her engagement and wedding rings create a toi et moi style. Meaning “you and me”, it refers to a design that features two centre stones symbolising love stories and people coming together.

Following the same shape of Stacy’s flat profile yellow gold band, which nods to the subtle taper of her mother’s engagement ring, we created Adam’s wedding band so that their two rings flow together, like two halves of one whole.

Stacy Heyman and Adam Middleton custom bespoke wedding rings yellow gold pearl

Creating these designs with Stacy and Adam was a special experience, and it was a pleasure creating a pair of wedding rings that showcase their love for one another, using their own creative flair, while also carrying the sentiment of their families throughout the designs.


If you’re looking to embark on a unique jewellery journey of your own, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you! We can’t wait to turn your stories and special memories into beautiful tangible pieces that you can treasure for a lifetime.