Swinging Sixties Inspired Yellow Sapphire Ring

The 5ct Yellow Sapphire Ring On Hand

The Swinging Sixties was a youth-driven cultural revolution in the UK from gloomy post war capital to a shining epicentre of style. During this time, Londoners had more disposable income than ever before – and were looking for ways to spend it. This combination of affluence and youth led to a flourishing of music, fashion, design and thus, began the evolution of bold symbols: pop-art and circles; ovals and curves; alongside statement yellow and opulent orange.  

When an incredible 5.65ct yellow sapphire came into our Wellington studio, it spoke to Ian of these pioneering themes – and a time full of fresh creativity and excitement.

An Extravagant Yellow Sapphire Ring

The yellow sapphire at the head of the ring orbited by small diamonds

Delightfully large, this golden yellow sapphire sits at the head of an 18ct yellow gold ring. Small circle diamonds orbit the central sapphire, each one hand-set into the ring with white gold. The sapphire appears at first to be the key feature, however, with a deeper look you can see that every aspect of this ring showcases master craftsmanship.

An incredible collection of gemstones could only have an spectacular sense of vision and resourcefulness. To create this piece, Ian enlisted the skills of our craftsman, Adam, who has a remarkable eye for detail.

A Master Craftsman

The underside of the yellow sapphire ring - diamonds set in white gold holes

Working off an above and side view drawn by Ian, Adam challenged himself to take this piece to a new level. He decided to replicate the design on the underside of the band.

For many hours, Adam hand-crafted this piece, carefully creating the small circular gaps where each diamond would be set within white gold. Each piece of gold, every intersection of metal, illustrates Adam’s handiwork and displays the hours spent bringing the ring to life.

The ring is designed to demand attention and appreciation of it's radiance. As imagined by Ian, and further crafted by Adam, the ring had to present a sense of openness in order to capture the sense of freedom from the 60s, it cannot be restricted to the traditional or habitual.

This ring will hold a very special, very personal bond with its owner: “It’s like the ring shares a secret with the wearer” - Ian says as he smiles. For only for those who know it’s there, the ring presents that veiled enchantment through the diamonds set into the underside of the ring, and the brilliant display of light that is filtered through the 5.65ct yellow sapphire.