Seeing Things For More Than They Are Window Display

Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to look...

As jewellery designers and storytellers, we are always finding inspiration in our everyday life. Take for example, the Clematis ring that our master craftsman, Ben, designed and handcrafted - it was inspired by an old building he came across that was covered in vines as if being reclaimed by earth.

Often, we are inspired simply by the beauty of the gemstones themselves. One of our expert jewellery designers, Charlotte, selected two loose diamonds which she knew just had to be brought together as a ring. The pear cut white diamond and radiant cut cognac diamond connect in a way that means they will forever hold each other close, like a warm embrace. For this very reason we named it Caline, the French word for cuddle.

Our latest window display shows how looking at things a little differently can reveal a world of inspiration; collaging little sparks of inspiration found in aspects of everyday life that can be turned into pieces of art through jewellery design.