How do you like your eggs?

Sunny side up with a side of 18ct white gold, please! 

Occasionally we discover something so special and unique in our search for unusual and rare gems that we can’t resist it. This 1.84ct natural diamond crystal was just such a piece. Truly an amazing one-of-a-kind gem. 

rough diamond with trapped nitrogen causing a yellow inclusion in the centre

Forged completely by nature and without any cutting or faceting, this beautifully white, clear diamond crystal has a central inclusion of yellow hidden within. This unique inclusion was caused by nitrogen becoming trapped within the crystal during its formation in the earth’s upper mantle layer. 

When presented with such an unorthodox gem, most jewellers would overlook it, but to us it just shouted, ‘fried egg’. And what better way to showcase our special fried egg diamond than to create a frying pan that it could cook in. The task to craft the frying pan pendant fell to our talented craftsman, Luke, who relished the challenge. 

Jeweller crafting frying pan pendant wearing chef hat in jewellery workshop

A perfectionist at heart, Luke set to handcraft every tiny detail of the pan. Crafted in 18ct white and rose gold, with the minuscule rivets in the handle being yellow gold. Luke had a huge appetite for the adventure that was bringing this pendant to life, so much so that he wore a chef's hat whenever he worked on it! 

"One of the most satisfying parts of crafting the Sunny Side Up pendant was seeing it evolve and take shape. Hand-fabricating all the different metals, which start as a square bar, into the individual shapes which together became the frying pan. It was fun playing around with the design to figure out what would work and make it look like the old school frying pans mum used to have at home when I was growing up." 

- Luke 

man and woman both wearing unique diamond frying pan pendant eating breakfast

The base of the pan appears copper, but is in fact 18ct rose gold. The white gold handle is secured into the rose gold, connected by the intricate yellow gold rivets. The ‘egg’ itself rests in the white gold pan as if part way through being fried.  

Following hours of crafting, you can watch the journey of this playful creation in our Wellington jewellery workshop... (or kitchen?) here: 

It’s fun, it’s whimsical, and it’s utterly unique. Impossible to repeat and at $9,500 it’s more than just a few breakfasts out, but it’s the perfect opportunity to treat the cook in your life with the present of a lifetime. 

Jeweller in kitchen wearing chefs hat frying pan pendant jewellery design

Thank you to our friends at The Lido cafe for letting us take over their kitchen for our photoshoot with Luke!

Unique rough diamond frying pan fried egg pendant with toast, orange juice, fork