Celebrating our Creative Design Hub with our Latest Window Display

As a creative jewellery store that prides itself on uniqueness and differentiation, we are not afraid to stand out with our jewellery designs. As we are unafraid to do so, why would we mask this creativity from our window displays? 

Our window display needs to stand out and make a statement in order to showcase our individuality and represent our brand’s mission and crafting philosophy. This is exactly what we have created with our latest display, which features 64 white masks and five golden coloured masks. 

The Village Goldsmith's Mask Window Display


The interior design details of our showroom display our point of difference to conventional jewellery stores. When you walk in to The Village Goldsmith, there is a living plant wall behind our front counter which stretches from floor to ceiling. 

The Village Goldsmith In Store - Living Green Plant Wall and Front Counter

Much of our décor, including our jewellery stands, is crafted from old tooling objects predominantly used between the 1920s to 50s. We stay far away from rows of plain glass showcases where all our jewellery sits parallel to the glass within a line-up of pieces. We take advantage of height, levels and themes to display our designs, and change each showcase often so our displays are always refreshed. 

Village Goldsmith Wellington Store Showcases made from Old Tooling Objects

These details are not always noticeable from the outside, but when you physically walk into our store you will experience our uniqueness. This is exactly why we pulled together an in-house design team, featuring talents and skillsets from varying ranges to produce intriguing window displays that capture the attention of the public and showcase our originality. 


The vision behind our Mask window display is to demonstrate said contrast to standard jewellery stores and illustrate our exclusive and often unorthodox designs. Each window features an array of plain white masquerade style masks, and one golden texturized mask. Each gold mask has a few jewellery pieces displayed on it, often a necklace draped over the mask, an earring or two, and the main feature of a ring in the eye.   

Close up on Gold Mask with Handmade Rubellite Ring in Eye

We have also presented our jewellery by having pieces surrounding the gold mask, displaying not only those items, but representing the variety of jewellery designs we create. Custom-made or stock pieces, our jewellery frequently does not conform to what is commonly viewed as ‘ordinary’ jewellery. 


Ultimately the preparation for the mask window display had been in the works for around a month before being ready to present to the public. There were many technical aspects endured to bring this display to life, including spray painting, modelling, wire work, cutting, filing, and experimenting with plaster of Paris.  

Village Goldsmith Mask Window Display

If you’re interested in coming to see our Mask Window Display, it will be exhibited for another month before we install our next exciting window display. We’d love to see you in store and introduce you to our wide range of jewellery. 

Village Goldsmith Mirror Art Window Display

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