A Remarkable Evening With The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust

The Village Goldsmith sponsors The CatWalk SCI Research Trust

The human spinal cord is remarkable.

It acts as the body’s information superhighway. It is both exceptionally capable and delicately vulnerable. It is the foundation for all bodily activities. However, after a spinal cord injury (“SCI”), the nerve fibres which send signals from the brain to the torso and the limbs are impaired and this causes paralysis of the muscles.

Scientists around the world agree that SCI is curable. It is unanimously accepted that injured nerve cells in the spinal cord are capable of regeneration.

The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Research Trust (“CatWalk”) was established in 2005 to challenge the world’s best scientists to be the pioneers of a cure for SCI. By collaborating with Government, academia, industry and international colleagues, CatWalk’s unyielding goal is to get people out of wheelchairs and back on their feet.

In 2017, CatWalk committed $350,000 of funding towards research being carried out at the Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility (“SCIRF”) at the University of Auckland.

The SCIRF continues to make significant progress in a number of research areas with the goal of developing cures for SCI. To read more about SCI and the current research being undertaken, visit https://www.catwalk.org.nz

The SCI research is innovative and accelerating, but, it could be happening faster. To cure SCI in our lifetime, CatWalk needs your help. The faster we fund research, the faster we will solve this challenge.

To find out more about CatWalk or to donate, visit https://www.catwalk.org.nz

CatWalk founder Catriona Williams with Ian and Christine Douglas

Ian’s role as a CatWalk Ambassador

The Village Goldsmith founder and owner, Ian Douglas, has been a CatWalk Ambassador for many years after an accident that nearly left him paralysed. He is an enthusiastic supporter of the Trust and its mission to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

“To me, being a CatWalk Ambassador and supporter is about connecting with like-minded people, learning from each other’s experiences, and being enriched and inspired to achieve something great. That’s what is special about the Trust and Catriona - their ability to attract the most genuine, kind-hearted people you will ever meet and foster positivity in the face of adversity - something that not many people can do”.

CatWalk Ambassadors raise awareness for the Trust at a local level within their communities and networks. Having valuable people in the community able to spread the message to a wider audience just how close a cure for SCI is to being a reality is priceless for the CatWalk team!

The 2017 Remarkable Fundraising Event in Queenstown, NZ

The Village Goldsmith was proud to support the CatWalk Remarkable fundraising event with the donation of our “Girl’s Best Friend” prize package, valued at over $10,000. This experience of a lifetime prize was up for auction on the night of the CatWalk Remarkable black-tie dinner, held in Queenstown on April 29th.


Ian and Christine with Toni Street and Gemma McCaw, both of whom are wearing jewellery from The Village Goldsmith.

View the jewellery worn by Toni and Gemma on the night

 Aquamarine Pendant, worn by Gemma McCaw.



Sargasso Diamond Ring from The Inspired Collection, worn by Toni Street.


Kunzite and Diamond Earrings, worn by Toni Street.


“When Catriona mentioned the Remarkable evening, I immediately knew the prize we could put together for the event, and we are all very excited to gift this package and do what we do best - craft lasting memories”.

The successful bidder would be flown to Wellington and be hosted by Ian and Christine for the day. The package includes a tour of The Village Goldsmith workshop, a consultation with Ian to discuss and design a special piece of jewellery to the value of RRP $10,000 and lunch at the famous Wellington restaurant, Shed 5.

Ian and Christine Douglas with $10,000 Wellington jewellery experience bidders
Ian and Christine with Peter and Tiff Campbell, the successful bidders for The Village Goldsmith’s jewellery experience

Watch this space to see the custom-designed piece of jewellery that Peter, Tiff and Ian create!