A Reflection of Our Creativity

We have had a wonderful time displaying the passion and creativity The Village Goldsmith encompasses through our Mirror Art window display; however, the time has come for them to leave our windows and adorn living room walls. If there is a piece of mirror art you would fancy having in your home, they are available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. 

Our talented team have conceptualised our next window display and are currently working behind the scenes to get it ready, so keep an eye out within the next few days! Since this display is coming to an end, we thought it necessary to show off the creative minds and processes that went in to creating such a striking and unique array of artwork. 

From architects and photographers, to graphic designers and gemmologists, our design team at The Village Goldsmith is a widely acclaimed group of creative people with qualifications in varying fields. 

Within this team was a spark of innovation to create a stunning window display featuring mirror art. The plan was for each piece of art to be based on human anatomy that could then feature tactfully placed pieces of jewellery, which in turn would resemble the jewellery being worn. Not only would this be a reflection and showcase of our passion and creativity, but an opportunity to raise funds for the Wellington Children’s Hospital

The mirrors were sourced, then beautifully painted and brought to life by our resident artist Georgina Rarity, a passionate creator and designer who we are lucky enough to have on our team.  

From first finding a handful of wonderfully designed pre-loved mirrors, to assembling the display so it was ready to be presented, the mirror art project took a total of three weeks. These three weeks consisted of researching design ideas, painting each composition onto each individual mirror, and then turning the pieces of art into practical window displays where jewellery could be beautifully showcased. 

Georgina Rarity Painting Mirror Art for The Village Goldsmith

Each individual art piece was hand sketched and painted by Georgina through pure passion and talent. She then sought to create a viable way for our jewellery to be presented upon each mirror. The jewellery needed to fit the subject within each mirror in such a way that it complemented the artwork and style of the designs, while looking impeccable through the windows. 

Georgina Rarity Creating Mirror Art for The Village Goldsmith

At present, each masterpiece is available to purchase on our website. Mirrors not purchased within the next week or so will be up for auction on TradeMe - where the public will be able to bid on their favourite design. 

Each mirror would not only be a wonderful decorative addition to any home, but we are proud to inform you that we will donate 100% of the proceeds from each mirror sold to the Wellington Hospi Foundation, the official charity for Wellington Children's Hospital.

The Village Goldsmith, located in central Wellington, is more than just a jewellery store. We are a dedicated team of award-winning professionals who pride ourselves on design, innovation, quality and exceptional customer service. 

With exciting international design and manufacturing projects working with the world's biggest diamond and jewellery companies, as well as being a design and innovation hub in Wellington and New Zealand. 

It is only fitting that our window displays represent our character and philosophy of jewellery crafting and design. Keep an eye out for future window displays designed by our creative team and come see our Mirror Artwork while it’s still on show.