A Celebration of Light - Creating Our Rubellite Solitaire Ring

We invite you to cast your eyes over our one-of-a-kind Rubellite Solitaire Ring.

Cabochon Cut Pink Rubellite Solitaire Ring

It is impossible to single out a hero feature of this piece. For this ring, in its entirety, holds a collection of exceptional elements and displays of master craftsmanship. From the high-standing band of 18ct yellow gold, to the statement 5.30ct Rubellite cabochon cut gem, each element works in harmony to express a distinctively bold and contemporary style that is characteristic of VG Jewelers.

Cabochon Cut Pink Rubellite Solitaire Ring on Hand

The Rubellite Gem

Rubellites are a unique and unusual form of the mineral group, Tourmaline. Rubellites can vary in hues from striking pink to bold ruby-red. According to Gemstone Lore, the vibrant colour of a Rubellite is said to reflect passion, energy, and life. It is also believed that Rubellites help bring emotional balance and serenity.

The International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICGA) define the criterion for Rubellites by the way they behave in daylight and artificial light. A true Rubellite shines just as intensely in artificial light as it does in daylight.

Throughout the years, Rubellites have been revered for their scarcity and assertion of beauty. The Rubellite chosen for the creation of this piece was favoured for its rich colouring and excellent clarity. So naturally, an exceptional ring had to be crafted around it.

Handcrafted in 18ct Yellow Gold

Knowing the ring must have a focus toward celebrating the Rubellite’s maximum colour and brilliant effect, Ian Douglas knew to ask for the expertise of Heath; one of our highly skilled and keen-eyed master craftsmen.

Working off Ian’s initial sketch, together they discussed how this ring had to present a celebration of light in order to display the full effect of the Rubellite gem. The structure had to express a sense of openness and cleverness yet maintain a sense of practicality so that the wearer may appreciate it daily - ‘Wearable yet impeccable’.

So, with the final sketch drawn up, the reins were passed to Heath to achieve something different and work his magic.

Cabochon Cut Pink Rubellite Solitaire Ring in Workshop

A closer look at the ring shows that each strand of gold, every flowing line that curves above the finger and around the Rubellite gem, is a perfect mirror image of itself, and that this process has been constructed not once, but four times by hand. The technique to achieve this is a complex combination of carefully mirrored forms all crafted by hand and many painstaking hours at the master craftsman’s workbench.

Cabochon Cut Pink Rubellite Solitaire Ring in Workshop

From Ian’s sketch, Heath has created the open leaf-like form of the Rubellite ring, where each line and each element work in tandem with the rich pink gem, to create a piece that is resplendent in 18ct Yellow Gold and remarkably captures and filters the light from above. The result is a true celebration of light.