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You tell the story and we capture its essence.
Every story is different just like every piece we carefully craft.

Hamilton Gardens Photo
Photo Credit: Sylvian Cleymans, Hamilton Gardens

As a custom bespoke and manufacturing jewellers, here at The Village Goldsmith, we take pride in designing and crafting pieces that tell a story and take inspiration from the world around us. Do the breathtaking views within the Hamilton Gardens inspire you? Or maybe the adorable animals at the Hamilton Zoo are what touch your heart? Whatever it is, there is no doubt the culture-rich features of the Waikato can inspire us too. 

Whether you enjoy grabbing a bite to eat at The River Kitchen, sitting in the sun reading today’s Waikato Times, or shopping til’ you drop at The Base, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can work remotely with us to bring your dream piece of jewellery to life. 

Custom jewellery design from Hamilton

At The Village Goldsmith we create and craft lasting memories for our customers. Each piece of jewellery is uniquely designed to capture your story. We work with our clients remotely from all over New Zealand and around the globe, so if you are based in the Waikato, or anywhere else for that matter, please get in touch. We would be happy to help you through email, skype and over the phone. 

We listen to your needs, your dreams, and work with you to deliver a tangible piece of jewellery that not only tells the story of how it came to be and what it represents, but also holds a lifetime of memories as your relationships continue to evolve. 

Every story is different just like every piece we carefully craft. 

We think there are few items we possess in our lifetime that can carry such a powerful meaning. It’s no surprise then that everything that goes into finding, creating, and crafting your piece of jewellery brings us such great satisfaction and pleasure. It’s the reason The Village Goldsmith founder, Ian Douglas, began crafting jewellery in the first place, over 40 years ago. 

From first hearing your story, to finally seeing something executed by our own hands and in our own workshop, passed on to you, to whom it means so much, is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. 

It’s our goal that the experience of being involved in this process brings you a wealth of satisfaction too. 

What story would you like to tell? 


Capturing Stories. Crafting Memories.  

What our Hamilton and Waikato Customers are Saying

Here is a look into what customers who have worked with us remotely from Hamilton and the Waikato region, have to say about our expertise and services.

If you would like to read more, view our Google, Facebook or Trustpilot pages.

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"I was really impressed with the work ethic and commitment to ensuring that the finished product was exactly what I had envisioned. This is only enhanced by the fact that this was handled entirely by email!"

- Stephen Baxter, Hamilton

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    View some of our jewellery designs and get inspired by what's possible to custom craft from Hamilton: