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Deception... A Collection


What if we looked at the world differently?
A satirical spin on situations that often make you want to tear your hair out.

Save those luscious locks and just laugh instead! (Note: don't do both, people might think you're crazy). To help, we've come up with some ammo for you. Introducing 'Deception... A Collection'.

With names in the collection including Capital Takes Flight, Otherwise Occupied, Grexit, Death and Taxes and The Cabbages Revenge, 'Deception... A Collection' is sure to intrigue, if not cause a stir!

‘Deception… A Collection’ proves that there’s no harm in a bit of humour. As questions around capitalist ideals continue to bubble away on a global scale, the collection introduces thought-provoking jewellery where people would least expect it. Meaningful pieces which comment light-heartedly on the social issues of our time are sure to spark some conversation.  Does one rile you up enough to buy it?

Supporting One Percent Collective

1% of profits from 'Deception... A Collection' are donated to six charities around New Zealand through One Percent Collective, a fantastic not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire collective generosity and transform the way people give to charity.