Renew Your Rings

Congratulations to Dave and Denise Kearney, the lucky winners of our $10,000 Renew Your Rings competition to recreate their precious engagement ring. 

We adore a great love story. We often hear about couples for whom pounds, shillings and pence were hard to come by many years ago when they purchased that special ring, or whose precious rings are now a bit worn through many years of hard work.

In addition to winning national and international design and innovation awards, custom design is what we do best, so we were very excited to be giving this lucky couple the opportunity to bring their wedding band and engagement ring back to life.

In association with Coast FM, the winners Dave and Denise Kearney received a private consultation to design an engagement ring of their dreams with award-winning Village Goldsmith jeweller Nick Hensman. Nick took elements of Denise's original ring and created a beautiful intertwining ring design which was then crafted in 18ct white and yellow gold in The Village Goldsmith workshop by the talented jeweller Nigel Wong.

Follow the journey of Denise's ring from the initial hand drawn design right through to the moment the it was presented to her. 

Denise's story... here's what she wrote in her competiton entry

“Hi guys  

I have attached a photo of my ring. As you can see it is in a bad way. Years ago I was up a bank picking flowers and my ring fell off my finger. I searched everywhere but no luck. My husband and son searched also with no luck. Years passed and we had to shift leaving my engagement ring behind.  Ten years later we moved back to Wellington and got permission from the house owner to search again with a metal detector truly believing that we would not have much luck after so long but as my husband was setting the detector up he looked down and there was my ring. I cried I was so happy. But not long after the gold band fell apart and sadly I have never got to wear it again.“

The design process began with Denise and Dave's consultation with jeweller and designer, Nick Hensmen. Together they discussed what Denise's dream ring would look like and decided to take elements from her original engagement ring such as the distinct blue sapphires and intricate loop detail on the shoulders of the ring. Nick was strongly influenced by these curving loops and translated them into a modern, flowing element of the new design. 

As soon as the design was finalised, jeweller Nigel Wong carefully crafted a wax model for Denise to try on.  With his special talent of being able to visualise the 3D jewellery from a 2D drawing on a flat piece of paper, Nigel almost intuitively formed a very elegant, organic piece of jewellery just for Denise. Once Denise and Dave had viewed the model and confirmed the fit, they were more than happy to entrust The Village Goldsmith jewellers to take the reigns and do what they do best. 

What did they think of the final ring - We think the smile on Denise's face says it all!

Follow the journey of the rings creation below.

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When presented with her new ring Denise was absolutely speechless and blown away!

Denise's finished ring containing two of her original sapphires and a new round brilliant diamond as it's centre piece. 

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