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Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds - Sirius Star

Diamond exploration began in Canada in as early as the 1960s. For many years, the thought of finding diamonds in Canada was little more than a prospector's dream. That dream became a reality following the discovery, in the 1990s, of several world-class diamond-bearing deposits in Canada's North.

In 1991, the first economic diamond deposit was discovered in the Lac de Gras area of the Northwest Territories. Canada became a diamond producer in October 1998 when the Ekati diamond mine opened about 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife. By 2003, Canada was the world's third largest diamond producer on a value basis after Botswana and Russia. Today one third of the world’s diamonds are sourced from Canada and annual output exceeds that of South Africa in monetary terms.

Natural Resources Canada reports “Canadian mining companies are also leading the way with respect to sustainable development in Canada and abroad. The Canadian mining industry was the first in the world to develop and adopt a national environmental policy. On the international front, some of Canada’s major mining companies are involved in projects with goals ranging from delivering health, water and electricity services to reintegrating workers into their communities.”

The climate and terrain of the North Western territories are harsh and unforgiving  – one reason the diamonds remained untapped for so long – but also beautiful and nearly unspoilt. Diamond mining firms that in Canada have strived to create a balance between running a commercially successful operation, with financial benefits for the whole community whilst maintaining the ecological balance of the area. Canada has strict environmental laws in place to prevent lasting ecological damage resulting from mining. In this way the flora and fauna surrounding the mines, including caribou and grizzly bears are not harmed and are even protected with revenue from the industry. The local Inuit and Mètis peoples have been represented from the very beginning of operations and the mines have brought prosperity in taxes and jobs to the people of the Northwest territories many of whom are themselves, the descendants of prospectors.

Canadian diamonds are traced from the time they are mined from the earth, right through cutting and polishing and their sale to distributors. In this way there can be no interference or cross contamination with diamonds that are not ethically sourced.  Canada was a key player in the development of the Kimberley Process initiative and, since the inception on January 1, 2003, has been a leader in the implementation of the process to control the conflict diamond trade internationally. Canada passed legislation to control the import, export and transit of rough diamonds in Canada.


At The Village Goldsmith we always use diamonds of the highest quality. Offering you conflict free diamond rings and Canadian diamonds as an option is another way we ensure our high standards of quality and responsibility are upheld.

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