Choosing an Engagement Ring


With the ever-changing design of engagement rings, choosing your diamond engagement ring or wedding rings becomes a more difficult decision by the day. These days, what constitutes an engagement ring is not just the design, but also the finger on which you wear it.

 Never before, in 35 years of business, have we made such a diverse range of engagement ring designs. As people more freely express themselves, we are presented with the opportunity to design a greater variety of styles...long may that continue.

With that diversity, however, comes a host of challenges, the main one being: what ring should I choose?

There is an increasingly popular trend to circumvent that dilemma: more and more people are choosing a ring that serves as both an engagement ring and a wedding ring. This preserves the integrity of the original design and is also a practical option.

For those of you who would like a wedding band to complement your engagement ring, there have never been so many choices. Would you like diamonds inset in the band? Do you want to keep it plain? Or would you prefer a wedding band that is shaped to fit your engagement ring? These are all sensible questions, and all ones to consider when you are choosing your engagement ring.

Think carefully when you do, for the ring of your dreams may start to look a little forlorn when you find that nothing you try on sits nicely against it.

We often meet brides who dislike the idea of a shaped or fitted wedding band; they are disappointed when we explain that there is really no alternative, as their engagement ring's style dictates the wedding band shape. Remember to remain open-minded though, as a fitted wedding ring can certainly look lovely.

So, when you're trying on an engagement ring, ask the store if you can try on a wedding ring to complement it. This can alter your perception of the engagement ring, and possibly affect your final choice.

These days, the traditional gold wedding band is just one of many styles to choose from. Beyond the addition of diamonds and other gems, the range of precious metals rings can be made from is quite extensive. See our information on Precious Metals.

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