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WOW Window Display

Not only does our team design, create and craft stunning jewellery, but also amazing displays to showcase it!

Our whole team has used their creative talents to craft a beautiful WOW window display. The competition is called 'Paint The City Red', and the only rule was to incorporate the colour red. 

Every stage of this project was collaborative and the the talents of each individual was used. From the very beginning, the team brainstormed and came together with a range of ideas which were then developed into one strong concept of eight miniature worlds. With the small size of our shop windows, and the nature of jewellery being small as well, we decided to play with scale.  

We wanted to show you a combination of finished photos of our wonderful windows, and also a few making-of shoots to give you a sneak peak of the work that went on behind the scenes. Each separate window has an element that links to the next, encouraging passers-by to stop and take a closer look.

Have a look at the photos below and see if you can find these connecting elements.

A box of birds! One of The Village Goldsmith jewellers, Luke Parsons, crafted the oversized ring to sit inside the large gift box with laser cut birds. A big change working on such a large sized ring, Luke relished the challenge. The diamond Luke worked with was a replica Sirius Star - the World's Brightest Diamond. 

A specially-designed jewellery tree holding a selection of engagement rings sits inside a glass dome with it's leaves fluttering in the breeze.

Hand made hot air balloons carrying platinum and diamond rings float amongst the clouds above a tiny village of wooden houses. 

Every cloud has a silver lining – imagine if it rained diamond rings!

Our Roses window! If you ever want to know how to make crepe paper roses, just ask our team – phew! These roses gently hold coloured custom rings. Find out about custom designed jewellery here. 

Our miniature topiary garden is so sweet – look at that teeny tiny teapot! 

Our sweet carousel chandelier was a fun challenge for our team. We made this so it turns around in the window like a carousel carrying jewellery around for the ride! The rings vary from coloured gems, to diamonds to pearls, have a look at our collection here. 

Our Storks display is the cutest thing! Origami storks carry baby jewellery framed by red baskets. At the bottom of this display you'll find a cute miniature cradle with more baby gifts. That's one lucky baby! Check out our range of gifts.