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The Narrative Collection: Telling the story of New Zealand

Aotearoa is one of the greatest paradises this world has to offer, not only through our magnificent landscapes, but through our people. The land of the long white cloud is home to so many kind-hearted individuals, from diverse cultural backgrounds, bound together to form the beautiful and unique identity of New Zealand. 

The focus of the Narrative Collection is to celebrate this harmony we, as New Zealanders, have created together. Every strand of gold or platinum carved with swirls, curls and dips, represents and reflects the designs of the many cultures that form our nation. The rings of the Narrative Collection feature patterns and symbols from each of these ethnicities that have shaped and continue to define our country.  


The Village Goldsmith founder and director, Ian Douglas, meets with newly engaged couples daily. He discovered a pattern in numerous couples: two individuals, from vastly different backgrounds, fell in love, and thus, brought two cultures together. Each of these couples represent New Zealand’s loving and open-minded outlook. It was through these encounters that Ian recognised the significance of their aroha and knew it was necessary to portray this through jewellery. 

Exploring the theme of harmony, each diamond ring in the Collection evolves from one to another. The fluidity of emotion behind each piece is reflective of how our unique environment inspires a fresh approach to design. 


Each design represents differing aspects of New Zealand in a way that flows beautifully from one to the next. The breath-taking landscapes of Aotearoa that stretch as far as the eye can see. The soul of the sea and how it is the only whisper to be heard in the night. The historic traces of our past that are still present and shape us today. The ultimate feeling of home when you look up at the stars and spot the Southern Cross. We can all agree that these are the elements we fall in love with every day. Such thoughts flow through each of us, making us bound to the same name: Kiwi.  

Represented in this collection in the most exquisite way, telling the narrative of our homeland, are these characteristics. We are all a part of this nation and share the same love for our home and our country, and the engagement and wedding rings of the Narrative Collection visualise this concept in a story that is distinctly New Zealand. 

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