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The Narrative Collection: Telling the story of New Zealand


Celebrating the identity of a beautiful country and the cultures that shaped it.

Inspired by the history, heritage and many cultures that have shaped our country and identity. Maori, Polynesian and Celtic designs are harmoniously blended in these wearable diamond solitaire engagement rings.

Crafted in 18 carat rose and white gold, the solitaire diamond is accentuated by intricate patterns that capture the beauty of New Zealand. From the sea to the sky, the earth to the stars, and everything that calls this paradise home, the Narrative Collection tells a story that is distinctly New Zealand.

Exploring the theme of harmony, each diamond ring in the Collection evolves from one to another. The fluidity of emotion behind each piece is reflective of how our unique environment inspires a fresh approach to design.

The Village Goldsmith has been designing and crafting jewellery in Wellington, New Zealand since 1981. Our team of expert craftsmen are often inspired by the surroundings in which we live and work. “It gives us an edge, and an advantage I think, when competing on a global scale. Our designs and craftsmanship stand out”.

“We wanted to create a Collection that celebrates our heritage in New Zealand and the identity of the country as a whole”.

As a young nation, New Zealand is enjoying the emergence and evolution of a unique cultural identity, shaped by the past, present and future. The Narrative Collection reflects upon that by using symbols from the cultures that laid the foundation for the country as we know it. It also represents the shared perspectives of Kiwis and all that we love about this beautiful country, while bringing distinctive pieces into a harmonious collection much like the mosaic of different cultures that New Zealand is.

There are many things that define the cultural identity and beauty of New Zealand. When we look at each piece in the Narrative Collection, we are reminded of a few. You may develop your own narrative in the intricate designs of these diamond solitaire rings. Whatever beauty you derive, they are New Zealand.


Breathtaking landscapes

From the dramatic mountains to the rolling hills, the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand are captured in the diamond solitaire Aoraki ring.


The feeling of ‘home’

Like The Southern Cross always distinguishable in the night sky that stretches above Aotearoa, The Baile ring speaks to the soul as if to say “you are home”.


The soul of the sea

Be reminded of the ocean and New Zealand’s diverse coastlines as you follow the playful lines of this diamond Cara ring.


The native flora

Furl leaves you feeling blissfully lost in lush forests and entwined in the beauty of our native flora.


Love is in the air

Inspired by the openness of the New Zealand skies, more expansive than anywhere else in the world. Match this diamond solitaire Tale ring from The Narrative Collection to tell a love story just as grand.


Tracing our past

Telling the story of all that makes New Zealand unique, like the special traces of the ancestors who have played a huge part in the shaping of our country.

View the collection here, to create your own love story with a Narrative Collection ring today.