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Justin & Julia’s Engagement Ring Story: Choosing A Ring With All The Right Feelings

Many people would choose an engagement ring based on what it looks like, but have you ever thought about what it feels like? Imagine you are wearing a ring on your finger right now (maybe you are). Close your eyes and trace the ring with your fingertips, feeling each curve and line, each prong and surface. Still with your eyes closed, focus on how it comfortably sits on your hand, and the proportions against your finger. It’s highly satisfying knowing you love the way your ring feels. 

For Julia and Justin, who are both completely blind, this is exactly how they picked out their engagement ring together. The Village Goldsmith team were thrilled that we could be a part of their journey. Accessibility is important to us – our new Wellington jewellery store is designed to provide a relaxing, spacious and comfortable in-store environment for all customers, supported by a user-friendly online experience. We had a fascinating chat to Justin and Julia while they were in store. 

Justin & Julia with their new Baile three-stone diamond engagement ring
Justin & Julia with their new Baile three-stone diamond engagement ring

Julia and Justin met at the end of 2017 at a guide dog handling event in New Jersey. At the time, Justin was living in Austin, Texas, and Julia was living in New Zealand, where she had been living for the last 12 years. The pair hit it off and began talking. A few months later Julia was moving to Texas for a new job and a new chapter in her life with Justin. The couple have spent every day together since. 

Julia and Justin decided they would love to go on a trip to New Zealand together. While exploring Wellington, the couple were in front of Parliament when Justin asked Julia if they could join hands in marriage. Justin remarked that it was an appropriate setting in which to ask as it’s where all the important decisions are made, after all! They agree that neither of them could have predicted the whirlwind of events that have occurred over the last year, but when something feels right, you must take a leap of faith, and Justin and Julia are so glad that they did. 

Accepting Justin’s proposal, Julia excitedly asked a friend where they should go shopping for an engagement ring in Wellington. They were recommended to visit The Village Goldsmith. While in store, they looked at a selection of rings, feeling each one and picking elements that they liked from each. They then discovered the Narrative Collection of diamond rings. This unique collection has a very New Zealand inspired feel to it, which resonated with Julia immediately. She picked out the Baile three-stone diamond ring and placed it on her finger. Tracing the intricate details and enjoying how the three diamonds sat elegantly across her finger, she knew this was the one. They also chose a beautifully matching wedding ring. 

Julia’s hand with her new Baile three-stone diamond engagement ring
Julia’s hand with her new Baile three-stone diamond engagement ring

Julia and Justin return to Austin with a special memory and memento of their trip to New Zealand, along with even more confirmation that when it feels right, it’s right! 

A big thank you to Julia and Justin for sharing your story with us and we wish you all the best from The Village Goldsmith team.