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A global revolution in diamond jewellery: invented right here in Wellington

The Village Goldsmith is proud to announce the launch of Floeting, a project we have been working on for more than a decade. Finally, we have an answer to the age-old question: “Can you set a diamond without clasps?”   

Since opening The Village Goldsmith in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1981 (it’s our 40th anniversary this year!) Ian Douglas has been constantly asked if he can create diamond jewellery without showing the claws or enveloping metal around a diamond. In fact, jewellers around the world get asked this all the time. Most just laugh at the question saying it’s not possible, but Ian is by nature, beyond curious, and began searching for an answer. While this was far from possible 40 years ago, Ian has been researching technology that would enable the creation of the world’s first truly floating diamond.   

We proudly introduce: The Floeting Diamond.

Floating diamond jewellery jewelry clawless solitaire ring pendant ear studs
Floating diamond jewellery jewelry clawless solitaire ring pendant ear studs

After extensive research, development and testing, combining the latest technology in science, engineering and metallurgy, we have achieved the holy grail for any jeweller. Diamond jewellery, set without clasps, without overarching metal. The Floeting Diamond allows the wearer to admire a diamond in all of its beauty. The laser engineered patented diamond cut, together with a micron-engineered space-age specialist titanium alloy setting, ensure the diamond is secured in place, without obstruction, and enabling 100% light return.  

We worked with New Zealand’s leading science and engineering institute, Callaghan Innovation, to ensure The Floeting Diamond is strong, secure, and durable. Their testing proved The Floeting Diamond setting is over 20% stronger than traditional claw settings. We also completed in-house testing, which proves titanium diamond settings are superior to traditional precious metal diamond settings with 20x greater tolerance for impact and 10x more wear durability.   

Collaborating with one of the world’s leading master diamond cutters, our New Zealand born and bred business has created a new global standard for diamond jewellery. The American Gem Society Laboratories has even created a grading standard specifically for the patented Floeting Diamond. As a brand standard, The Floeting Diamond achieves the highest and most coveted cut grade a diamond can possibly receive, AGS Triple Zero Ideal.

American Gem Society Laboratories certified grading certificate Floeting Diamond

We’ve been on a rollercoaster bringing this invention to light, from building lasers specifically to create a new cut of diamond, to multiple strength and durability tests. But it’s all been worth it, and we’re beyond proud to be showcasing this invention to the world. Suspended delicately on a ring, ear stud or pendant chain, it appears as if the diamond is floating elegantly. Pure beauty, timeless and classic.

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