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Where Do Gemstones Come From? - Provenance Window Display

The Village Goldsmith Gemstone and Diamond Provenance Window Display

Our latest window display explores the provenance of our gemstones and diamonds, displaying jewellery crafted with precious gemstones sourced from different parts of the world. Each piece of colourful handdrawn art showcased in the new window display brings together aspects from a handful of areas in which we source our gemstones or diamonds from. 

We are committed to providing diamonds and gemstones sourced from trusted and reputable global sources that are of the highest quality. We have even personally visited the operations of many of the diamond companies we work with. It is important to us that all the jewellery we craft is created from materials that are ethically mined, whether this be the precious metal, gemstones or diamonds. 

Follow along our journey of gemstone origin... 

Approaching our store from the centre of Wellington city, the first display showcases a beautiful range of jewellery featuring semi-precious gemstones. We source many of our semi-precious gemstones from sources in India – a country that is well-known for its production in the diamond and gemstone industry. Much like the vibrant colours of India’s national flower and bird - the waterlily and the peacock - the many semi-precious gemstones India produces are also bright and intense in colour. 

Following along the window display you will find yourself having crossed the Arabian Sea and looking at the Blue Waxbill, Botswana’s national bird. This part of the display features a range of our diamond jewellery amongst stunning drawings of Botswana’s national flower, the gorgeous Sengaparile. We source a variety of our high-quality diamonds from factories in many areas of the world, however, a lot of our diamonds are mined in Botswana. 

The Village Goldsmith Gemstone and Diamond Provenance Window Display

Along with Botswana, we also source several of our diamonds from Russia. It would almost seem that Russia and Botswana are in competition for the title of ‘world’s largest diamond producers’. In terms of volume and diamond crystal size, Russia surpasses Botswana, however when it comes to value, Botswana takes the win. For this reason, we are showcasing our diamond jewellery amongst plants of chamomile, Russia’s national flower, as well as the Siberian Grouse – their national bird.  

The Village Goldsmith Gemstone and Diamond Provenance Window Display

We could not create a provenance window display without including the classic and breath-taking sapphires and rubies. Many of our high-quality sapphires and rubies are sourced from Sri Lanka, so we’ve displayed a range of our jewellery which features these stunning gemstones amongst Nymphaea Nouchali flowers, the country’s national flower. As a country that is well-known for the mining and production of vibrant coloured sapphires, it is a happy little coincidence that their national bird is the wonderfully colourful Crimson-Fronted Barbet, closely resembling their array of sapphires. 

The Village Goldsmith Gemstone and Diamond Provenance Window Display

The final region of the world we have displayed in our provenance window is the country of Madagascar, our main source of stunning spinels. Most spinels mined in Madagascar are found in a wide range of orange, red and rose tones, which are similar shades to their national flower, Poinciana, as well as their national bird, the Paradise Flycatcher. The Paradise Flycatcher also has metallic deep blue feathers, beautifully corresponding with another variety of their spinels.  

The Village Goldsmith Gemstone and Diamond Provenance Window Display

Our provenance window display will be installed until the end of October, so if you’re based in Wellington, we strongly encourage you to visit us and view our wide range of gemstone and diamond jewellery

We’d love to discuss design ideas for your own personal piece of jewellery featuring a beautiful and ethically sourced gemstone whether in our Wellington showroomAuckland design studio or via email. For more information about the origin and provenance of our gemstones, or creating your dream piece, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

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