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In ancient Greek belief, topaz was thought to give its owner additional strength during troubling times. It was also believed that when worn in a necklace, topaz helped rid the wearer of sorrow while simultaneously increasing their intellectual ability. 

Topaz Colours

While blue topaz is the most well-known, contrary to the regular assumptions, topaz can occur in an impressive variety of colours. Some of these hues include fire orange, honey yellow, golden-mocha brown, blushing pink, violet purple, warm green, and the most prized of all: natural imperial topaz, which can be found in a strong orange, pink, or red. Topaz can also be completely colourless, which is the most common. Whether the topaz gemstone is colourless, of warm or cool tone, it is always brilliantly lustrous. 

The rarest topaz gemstones are naturally of sky blue or sherry red hues. As it is relatively easy for labs to alter the colour of topaz with heat treatment, these colours are frequently seen within the jewellery industry, however it is rare and exceptional for these colours to be entirely natural. Due to its affordability, yet similarity to more expensive gemstones, topaz has a mass appeal among the jewellery market.

Topaz Birthstone

Topaz is the birthstone for November, most commonly golden-yellow topaz as this is similar in colour to citrine – the other birthstone of November. Blue topaz in particular is the gemstone which celebrates the 4th wedding anniversary and imperial topaz commemorates the 23rd wedding anniversary. 

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