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Ra - a 2010 Finalist

Ra - a 2010 Finalist
Ra - a 2010 Finalist
Ra - a 2010 Finalist

Custom Made to Order

This particular ring has now sold. If you are interested in this design please get in touch with us and we can quote to custom craft a similar design for you which meets your budget and gemstone specifications.


This ring represents a continuing circle signifying the journey of Ra, the Ancient Egyptian God of the sun. Ra is personified as a Fancy Intense Yellow Marquise Diamond aligned with a pyramid at the point of mid-day. He is transferring from his solar Morning boat (on the left hand side of the pyramid) to the Evening boat (right hand side). Ra shines his light and warmth on all of his creations which are represented by the Diamond Bridge. He then carries their souls and their prayers (the diamonds at the base of the ring) with him on his journey through the underworld.”

The Ring

A platinum and 18ct yellow gold setting secures a 1.05ct natural yellow fancy intense Marquise cut diamond. The 'Diamond Bridge' holds 24 x 0.14ct round brilliant cut diamonds. Ra was a finalist in the 2010 awards.

NB: This item is a custom 'one off' ring and is no longer available for sale - for more information on creating your own custom piece please click here or contact us for custom design enquiries and quotes.


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