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Circlipd - 2011 Best Awards

Circlipd - 2011 Best Awards
Circlipd - 2011 Best Awards
Circlipd - 2011 Best Awards

Custom Made to Order

This particular ring has now sold. If you are interested in this design please get in touch with us and we can quote to custom craft a similar design for you which meets your budget and gemstone specifications.


Walking past a building site and observing the bucket from a digger lying in the mud, the image of this ring immediately sprang into mind. I wanted to create a ring that clasped a diamond like the jaws of the bucket. The hard dramatic curves of the bucket are carried into the platform for the diamond.


This diamond ring won a Bronze Award in the 2011 Best Awards in the Consumer Product Category. Platinum and gold are tensioned to hold a beautiful radiant cut diamond.


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